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Our Staff

David De Rosa is President and Owner of Island Properties & Associates, LLC.  In addition, Mr. De Rosa founded Island Properties & Equities, LLC in February of 2000.  Mr. De Rosa purchased his first property while in college.  After graduating in 1985 he founded Equitech Resources, Inc., a real estate and property management company which acquired and/or managed a portfolio of more than 6000 units valued in excess of $12 million.   Since founding and managing IPA, Mr. De Rosa has managed over $60M of real estate transactions at its peak.  In 1996, he moved away from the real estate field to help his sister who was asked by actor and activist Christopher Reeve to help organize Mr. Reeve’s new endeavor as a public speaker.  In 2000, Mr. De Rosa’s sister took over leadership of Press Link, and he returned to real estate investments with the development of Island Properties & Equities, LLC.


Steve Macchia is the Company’s Asset Manager.  His responsibilities include Tracking Maintenance Costs (sometimes combining purchases to help cut down on construction costs).  Steve has been with the Company since 2005 and has helped in its asset base expansion. As with any company, the Asset Manager is critical in executing deals with the best returnable profit.  Steve has both real estate and associate broker licenses. Prior to joining IPA, Steve owned and operated multiple restaurants which employed up to 50 employees. He handled the renovation of these restaurants.  Steve has also been involved with buying and selling real estate for the last 25 years including commercial, residential and NYC properties. He has worked with NYC construction companies in estimating projects and in project management. As a passion, Steve has owned and operated a stable of as many as seven Standardbreds.